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What sanitising agent do you use?

We use pure highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide sprayed in a very precise dosage and dispersion

How does it work?

We are using 3D Volumetric Nebulizers, a much refined version of ULV Cold Foggers and spray pure highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide in a very fine mist with a 100% coating effect of all surfaces, walls, ceilings, AC systems, entire air volume and textiles. Apart from storing away food, no special preparation prior to treatment is needed. The procedure takes a few minutes per room. After the treatment you are not allowed to enter the treated area for min. 1h.

Do you use fogging?

We are using ULV Cold Fogging. Our technology uses high air pressure that converts liquid hydrogen peroxide into a fine, very precise targeted mist of small particles. Those particles are dispersed into the air covering both surfaces and air volume in a 3D coating effect.

Will the mould disappear forever?

We are killing all mould including it's spores by the time we do the treatment. Mold thrives in damp environments and in Bali, being such an environment, new mould will always form after a while. Mould treatment thus is an ongoing process.

Why is the procedure so fast?

High air pressure combined with fully computed dosage and dispersion make the procedure time effective.

Any special preparations need to be done before

the treatment?

Exposed food and water need to be stored away, including those of pets. No other preparation needed.

Is the treatment affecting leather/silk?

Sprayed with our technology, it is not.

Is it safe for pets?

Pets, like humans are not allowed within the treated area for min. 1h. After that is is totally safe.

How should the procedure be repeated?

In Bali we recommend a monthly treatment frequency for maintenance purposes. A personalised frequency recommendation can be done after the assesment of your building.

Does it really work?

Sprayed in a very fine mist, highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide covers all surface and air volume included the most remote and hard to reach spots. Hydrogen peroxide kills microorganisms by breaking down their essential components like their proteins and DNA, effectively eliminating all mould and spores along will all other pathogens within the treated indoor environment

How do I see the proof?

The visible mould will slightly change colour once dead, the air will be fresh and your night sleep will increase in quality.

Do you remove the mould?

Moulds reproduce by means of tiny spores, undetectable to the naked eye. Those spores once airborne, spread around, settle on new surfaces and create new mould. Once you can see mould traces in your home, your house is already contaminated on a much larger scale. It is important to kill all mould and spores before cleaning it off surfaces. We provide the service of killing mould and spores, and therefore provide the ideal conditions for mould removal, totally eliminating the risk of further mould spread. We do not provide the service for removal of dead mould. 

Does it work with wooden walls?

It works on any surfaces reachable by our devices.

Do you treat just one room?

We can treat any number of rooms desired by the client. If the house is infested we recommend the treatment of the entire place for optimal results, but the final decision regarding the number of treated rooms remains with our clients.

How do you sterilise?

Sterilisation implies the procedure of eradication of all fungi, spores, allergens, virus and bacteria from all surfaces and air volume within a closed environment. By using highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide sprayed in mist of micronic particles, we eliminate all microorganisms by breaking down their essential components like their proteins and DNA.

Is there a area size limitation for the treatment?

We treat indoor environments off all sizes.

Do clothes, beddings, dishes have to be washed after the treatment?

No. Hydrogen peroxide is 100% biodegradable. It decomposes into oxygen and water and there will be no traces left by the time you enter the room/house again.

Does hydrogen peroxide affect plants?

No. Hydrogen peroxide is totally ecological

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