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Our Journey. Our Excelence

about us

"Over the past decade, our team at Mr. Biocid has been at the forefront of mold treatment, bringing together a dedicated group of microbiologists, talented chemists, and experienced epidemiologists. Through our relentless commitment to innovation, we have developed and refined an exceptional system for organic sterilization. Today, we are proud to introduce a breakthrough that will revolutionize your approach to mold, home hygiene, and safety.

Our comprehensive solution, founded on proven medical and military technologies, is poised to transform your living spaces with unprecedented precision and effectiveness in mold eradication. We are prepared to unveil a cutting-edge system that not only eliminates mold, spores, bacteria, and viruses but also introduces a pioneering solution to combat mold, bacteria, fungi, and mycotoxins like never before."

Revolutionizing home health and redefining safety.

Mold Treatment, Mold removal, Mold cleaning, Allergies, Termites

Dr. Eng. Catalin Rojisteanu, PhD

Founder of the Biocid Solution

"With our premium service, your home will be transformed into a fortress of health and well-being, ensuring a level of protection that was once inconceivable. Prepare to welcome a new era of indoor environment security as we unveil our game-changing offering that sets the gold standard in the eradication of microbial threats. Your safety and peace of mind are our unwavering commitment, and we are prepared to deliver on this promise like never before."

Mold Treatment, Mold removal, Mold cleaning, Allergies, Termites

Eng. Vlad Rojisteanu 

Co-Founder of the Biocid Solution

Our story
From Quest to Certification
Our journey started in 2015,driven by the mission to findan effective solution for alleviating asthmasymptoms. Seven years later,our state-of-the-art solution, is fully certified.Now designed combat not only allergens butalso a broad spectrum of indoor pathogens,is now introduced in E.U hospitals


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Presence in Indonesia

In 2022, our revolutionary solution made its debut in Bali, followed by expansion to Jakarta two years later.


Concept Originated

The concept originated from the dire need to alleviate asthma symptoms in mold- and bacteria-contaminated environments. Recognizing the pressing health issue, our team conceptualized a groundbreaking solution aimed at eradicating indoor contamination and improving indoor air quality for respiratory health.


Wireframe Ready

Setting outline for a prototype, defining the key components and steps in the

prototyping process ready


First Homeuse Solution

The development of a prototype for home use reached a significant milestone. Consideration was given to expanding beyond the initial concept, with a focus on identifying potential areas for enhancement. The goal was to broaden the device's applications for a more holistic approach to indoor sterilization.



The examination of various sanitizing agents and their efficacy emphasizes the requirement for an advanced technical approach to enhance the formulation of the most potent sanitizer to its optimal effectiveness.


State of the art

The inaugural cutting-edge solution has been developed, and the technology has received complete certification (CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV). It is now fully operational, serving both domestic and industrial needs on a large scale. Additionally, in the same year, its implementation has been initiated in E.U. hospitals.

Our Vision

To be the foremost provider of sterilization services, setting the benchmark for quality and innovation in safeguarding public health and promoting a sterile and secure environment globally.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering cuttingedge sterilization solutions with precision and efficiency. Our mission is to partner with industries and communi- ties, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, fostering a world where health and well-being thrive unconditionally

What wehavelearned

Attaining excellence in sterilization necessitates pushing technological

boundaries to their limits, optimizing both the results and the effectiveness of the sterilization formula utilized.

Establishing medical-grade standards as the desired outcome was a pivotal factor in developing the current leading solution for eradicating indoor pathogens.

Mitigating human error through a comprehensive, fully computed solution is crucial to guaranteeing the highest health and safety standards.

Timing is critical in all industries. That's why our all-encompassing solution was designed to be swift while reducing human hours by replacing a series of conventional sanitizing activities with a single, efficient procedure

That is why

We developed the very best

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for everyone

including babies

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